Zoe simmons: in the media


 my work in the media

As an experienced journalist, my work has been featured all over the globe.

And it’s not just work I’ve created. I’ve been interviewed and featured in news articles, on radio and podcasts, in documentaries and much more.

Typically, I talk about:

  • Journalism (including ethical journalism)
  • Disability (including mental health and chronic pain)
  • SEO copywriting and editing
  • What it was like to live through the 2019/2020 Black Summer bushfires
  • Bushfire recovery
  • Working (and writing) with trauma
  • Animal rights and veganism
  • The power of storytelling for advocacy
  • The importance of rest and self-care
  • How to run a business while living with chronic pain

And more (I’m a bit of an open book!)

Zoe Simmons podcast and radio appearances

I’ve always had an interest in audio storytelling, even back in my university days. Now, I love the opportunity to talk about the things that are close to my heart.

Articles and blogs

I’ve written hundreds of articles. But I’m also often quoted and featured in pieces by other writers. Here’s a few!

TV episodes and documentaries 

I’ve been involved in a few episodes of TV documentaries, including:

Want to interview me? Well, firstly: I’m flattered. Please feel free to get in touch today.
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