Have a question? Take a look at the answers to some of my frequently asked questions below. 

So, what does a copywriter do?

An excellent question! The role of a copywriter is incredibly versatile, but basically, it’s our job to write copy (words). I can write anything from blogs and articles, to email marketing, brochures, product descriptions and packaging, Facebook ads, video scripts, press releases, cover letters, CVs, and award applications.

Basically, if it’s word-related, chances are, I can help!

How long does copywriting take?

Ah, the age-old question! And unfortunately, the answer varies from project to project. The time it takes for me to complete a task usually depends on things like required word count, rounds of revision, how much research and interview time is required, as well as the scope and depth of a project.

So where, say, an average blog might take around two hours, a complete website re-write will take much longer.

How much do you charge?

Again, this varies from project to project, as well as what’s involved in a project. For example, I charge a higher rate to write content than I’d charge to proof-read content.

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Do you offer discounts for bulk work?

For long-term retainer clients or bulk orders, I am more than happy to offer a discounted rate of 5%.

Why is SEO copywriting important?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and basically refers to the way that search engines (like Google) read and categorise your website.

SEO copywriting is where a skilled writer can weave SEO requirements that please the Google Overlords, as well as readers, meaning not only will your customers love the words on your website, but search engines will, too!

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